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Find out if the  Pleasure Psycholgy Training and Certification  is right for you

After 15 years in private practice as a psychotherapist specailzing in sex and relationships, Moushumi Ghose, MFT, founder of Los Angeles Sex Therapy, creator of The Sex Talk Series and Temples & Brothels, Docuseries and author of several books on sex and relationships launched Pleasure Psychology, a program which incorporates everything she has learned, everything she teaches and guides you towards becoming a sex-positive sexologist and practitioner, whether it be Coach, Expert, Educator or Therapist. You will also learn about starting and running your own sex and relationship practice from the ground up, getting published, getting in the media and more in this intensive program. Whether you're a professional seeking a new career, a student wanting to make an impact, a therapist or a coach seeking a sexuality niche, or a sex journalist, find out if this program is the one for you.

In this course you will learn everything there is to know about being a sex and relationships practitioner, including working with partners who practice ethical and consensual non monogamy, helping individuals embrace singlehood, helping all genders have better sex lives, better relationships. You will also learn how to run your own sex coaching business from marketing your coaching practice, to creating programs and packages, getting published, getting in the media and becoming a sexual freedom activist. 

This 100% online course is self-paced and can be done from anywhere, at any time. You can finish it in as early as 10 weeks ( a couple students did just that), or take as long as you need. It's really up to you! (We recommend attending the calls for a minimum full year to get the support and guidance, but you get lifetime access, so it's really up to you! 

Our program includes twice monthly group calls, which are a great way to collaborate with other students, coaches, therapists.  We meet year-round. And these highly informative and impactful calls  are always recorded if you need to miss them. The program also includes all legal paperwork, such as intakes/informed consent forms for your business, and a private Facebook group where you can network, live trainings with Moushumi and other therapists/coaches, networking opportunities and so much more, and of course your beatiful certificate to to show that you have become a certified sex and relationship practitioner.


You will have lifetime access to the course work, which is always also evolving. You will have access to a community of sexologists, other folks who are just as passionate as you in breaking down our sex negative cultural tropes and ideas to help you cultviate your voice, your visions and ultimately your prorgams. We have a FB group to collaborate and share ideas, networking opportunities and more.

Joining the Pleasure Psychology Training and Cetrification Program and begin the life long adventure of impacting people where it means the most. 

We will see you there! 

Learn more in our FAQ.

The Sex Talk with Mou

The Sex Talk with Mou

Jealousy in Relationships #jealousy #relationships #healing

Jealousy In Relationships #relationships #jealousy #healing

Pleasure Psycholgy Sexology Training and Certification is 100% CUSTOMIAZABLE AND TAILORED to YOU!

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