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Program Alumni

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Wayne LeSane, CSRC

Certified sex and relationship coach  and non monogamy coach, Wayne LeSane facilites coaching calls in the Pleasure Psychology Sexology Training & Certification program.  

With over 20 years ife experience in ethcial and consensual non monogamy, he now brings his expertise to the professional intimacy & sex coaching realm. Wayne loves to work with the BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) community in supporting them with challenging open and opening up relationship situations.

Wayne runs a twice monthly Men's nonmonogamy support group, a place where men can discuss the issues that come up on their journey! He does hands on coaching as well. 

Wayne co-runs coaching programs with his wife Melissa LeSane in Shades of Non Monogamy. 

Work with Wayne

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Jamie Azar, CSRC

Jamie Azar is a sex, relationship, and intimacy coach, educator, writer, and mindfulness practitioner. She specializes in dismantling limiting beliefs, deconstructing, and destigmatizing harmful narrative constructs, to help clients reframe and redefine their understandings of selfhood, sex, sexuality, and relationships. She also integrates somatic based therapy, breathing, relaxation, and focus techniques to further encourage the mind-body connection, and to help clients develop tools to regulate their nervous systems.

Work with Jamie

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Dr. Tracy Harris, Ph.D, CSRC

Dr. Tracy is a pleasure advocate, sexologist and a sex, relationship and intimacy coach with over 22 years of coaching experience. She is also a certified hypnotherapist specializing in sexual issues, Spiritual Life Coach, Tantra/sacred sexuality teacher, Enlightened Relationship Workshop Facilitator and Reiki III Master.  By combining different modalities based on the needs of the client, she is able to serve them at the highest level.

It is her belief that everyone has the right to enjoy pleasure and should feel free to be sexually authentic: no hiding and no guilt! She takes a "check your shame at the door,” nonjudgmental approach (with a touch of humor) to sex and relationships. Dr. Tracy is passionate about “modern” adult sex education (not your lacking high school sex-ed class) and created the Art of Female Orgasm Workshop.

Dr. Tracy currently helps clients to refocus on healing, unleashing their true inner erotic/sexual self and gaining confidence by better understanding their lover emotionally and sexually. Her sexology practice includes private coaching services, signature programs and retreats.

Work with Dr. Tracy

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