Sex Therapist, Author and Coach (she, her, hers)


Moushumi Ghose is a licensed therapist, filmmaker and author who's mission is to break down barriers in sexuality and relationships.

Mou was born in Buffalo, NY where her father was getting his PhD in engineering. Her mother would trudge to work in the snow at Macy's wearing a sari before deciding to get her Masters in education from the same school. Both had immigrated from India. The year was 1972. Eventually when Mou was 3, the family moved to California, where she was raised in a quiet suburb, 25 miles northeast of San Francisco. Her younger sister joined the family a few years later. 

Mou was a teenager in the 80's, dancing to new wave music with the queer kids, the misfits, the androgynous, while the AIDS epidemic was ravagaing lives across the bay. This was the backdrop for everything Mou is today. 

Sexual freedom was the word of the day but it would come at a cost for too many people. The worlds wasn't ready. 

In 1990, Mou moved across the bay to San Francisco and immersed herself in LGBT Pride + Kink, Psychology and Women Studies.  

In 1998, Mou moved to Los Angeles to pursue careers in tech, and rocknroll. And, in 2002 she returned to graduate school to incorporate humanitarian work she felt called to do - stand for sexual awareness freedom. 


Today Mou combines her extensive experience in music, tech and social services in all aspects of her life. 

Moushumi has written 3 books on sex and relationships, is the creator of media/film entities including The Sex Talk Series on Youtube, and the Documentary Film Series, Temples and Brothels.

She was the host of "Sex Love & RocknRoll" podcast and Sexy Saturdays at The Liberace Penthouse workshops. 

Mou is the founder of Los Angeles Sex Therapy (LAST), a collective of therapists, educators and coaches who center healthier attitudes around sexuality with special attention given to the experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQIA, Kink, Poly/Ethically Non Monogamous, and Sex Workers.

She is the founder of Los Angeles Sex Therapy University - Affordable courses in pleasure, sexuality and relationships that offer longer standing change, as well as creator of a signature Intimacy Coaching Ceritification Program. 

Mou has served as an adjunct faculty at Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology, and Pacific Oaks College in Los Angeles, CA. 

​Mou has been a featured contributor in various publications and media outlets including Mens Fitness, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Oprah Magazine, Hustler, Vice, Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, Playboy TV,  Investigation Discoveries, Oxygen Network, Hollywood Entertainment Today, CBS and many more.



Mou is also a songwriter, composer, musician and writer. She recently relocated to Portland Oregon with her bandmate and partner to collaborate in a new musical project and is simultaneously writing her two first memoirs.